"Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil..." Psalm 23:4.  The original is 2.5 x 3.5 inches. 

Winter Ride

December 2016

Winter Ride was finished today.  I enjoyed creating this piece of girl riding her bike through the hills of California.  California Poppies rise up and watch her.  He loyal dog keeps her company as she journeys.  Snow is falling on the mountains of Tahoe in the distance.  

A China Story

December 2016

Today I finished A China Story.  A little girl stands on the path which is leads her away from China.  A path which takes her past the mountains of her birth place and the beauty of the Cherry Blossom Trees.  The wind blows her towards a new direction.  She is peaceful and calm.  She knows a new beginning awaits her.

Guatemala City

January 2016

For 2016, a percentage of profits are supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Guatemala City, Guatemala through Cross International. The profits donated will currently support four children for a year.  Casa Bernabé is a Christian ministry that takes in orphaned, abandoned, and abused children and nurtures them in a loving, family environment. The children are divided by age and gender into small groups and sent to individual houses, to live under the care of house parents. While there, the children receive schooling, health care, a nutritious diet, counseling, and the message of the Gospel. The goal of Casa Bernabé is to lead all the children into a personal relationship with Christ, while also taking care of their material needs and helping them heal from emotional scars. Buy art and give hope to a child in need!