Jodi Queenan's art is enjoyed in private collections around the world. She has been selling her whimsical artwork internationally since 2009. Jodi began exploring her artistic side as a professional photographer.  In 2009, she began illustrating and attempting watercolors while she waited for the adoption finalization of her first African born son.  Jodi's art pieces began to sell and soon she found herself enjoying a new medium.  In her artwork, viewers can see her true joys in life... her love of children, the bond of families, landscapes, and animals.  Her art is inspired by her faith in Christ and His redeeming love.  To this date, she has sold over 1,500 pieces and ships worldwide. In 2015, Jodi became a featured artist in "STYLE Magazine" and the interviewed titled "Jodi Queenan of Folsom, Artist to Watch". Jodi is author and illustrator of the book, "Twinkle Twinkle: An Adoption Story".  Her artwork is currently displayed at the Placerville Art Gallery in Placerville, California. She lives in Northern California with her husband, their two African born sons and their devoted Newfoundland dog, Steinway.